Fall Wishlist

1. Draped Geo Pattern Cardigan - Like a statement necklace I tend to be attracted to a piece of clothing that stands out. I will never over do it, but it's nice to have that one piece that is unique. I'm loving cardigans too so this is a win win!

2. Revlon Black Cherry Lipstick - This has become a really popular lipstick.If you had asked me a year ago if I would wear a shade like this (or anything but nude lips) I would run for the hills. However, I have changed my perception on darker lips and have been wanting to try this vampy reddish brown colour.

3. Grey Hunter Boots - I've been eyeing these for so long! They can definitely work in all seasons and look super cute with leg warmers and an oversized sweater.

4. Stella and Dot Lucia Necklace - Big statement necklaces are an easy way to spruce up a plain outfit. I love the multiple beads. It's oversized without being chunky.

5. Leopard Print Snuggie - This Fall accessory is a must. Ok, It's not an accessory but it will keep you warm and looking super stylish

6. Ikea "Alex" Drawer Stand - It all comes down to needing more efficient and nicer looking storage. I really love alot of pieces from Ikea and this Alex drawer stand is sleek and has tons of drawer space. I am planning on getting this soon so I can re-arrange my makeup, hair stuff and...junk.

7. Michael Kors Rosegold Perfume - Want. It. :)


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  2. Love the necklace and the sweater!



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