Jewelry Storage and Travelling Tip

This is a quick but (hopefully) helpful post! As you may know from a previous post, I am moving soon. Since I have been sorting through all of my things, I noticed that I have alot of necklaces, bracelets and rings. I have a beautiful cast iron jewelry tree that I recieved as a gift that has all of my pieces hanging from it. But as you may guess, packing a tree filled with jewelry into a box is a hard thing to do.

I came across this container at the dollarstore (or they can be found at any craft store). It's meant for beads and has retractable dividers. It's the perfect storage container to ensure that your necklaces and bracelets don't get tangled together.

What are some practical and unique storage/travelling tips that you have?


Happy Halloween!

This year I carved a pumpkin (the one on the right!) It has been years since I've done this and it was really fun! I even scooped out all the seeds and baked them. Who says because you're older you can't get into the spirit of it all?
 So here's to a happy and safe Halloween!


Prepping Your Skin for Winter

We all know that this time of year our skin needs a little bit of extra care. My skin is fairly dry all year round so it's imparative that I pay special attention to not only my skin but also to my hair and nails. I have compiled a list of products that I use throughout the winter months (and some throughout the year) to make sure my skin is hydrated and protected.

Lets starts with Hair:

Moroccain Oil. Before I discovered this HG product, I used mousse, leave in conditioner and a shine serum to my hair. Now, I use this and heat protectant. I would have never thought that adding oil to my hair would do anything for it but this stuff makes my hair so smooth and so shiny that I will never style my hair without it. Not to mention that I have had this bottle for a year and I use it about 3 times a week! For the winter months, this is especially good since it tames fly-a-ways and helps protect the hair. This is my only mentioned hair product because, yes, it's that good.
On to Skin:


Oil of Olay Moisturizing Cream. I would say this cream is universal for almost all skin types. It's a heavier cream that absorbs into the skin really nicely. I have tried many different types of creams and have found this one does not cause breakouts to my skin. This stuff keeps your skin really moisturized when it's super cold and dry without weighing you down.

Another Oil of Olay product. I just picked this up recently because the skin around my eyes were becomming dry as it started to get cooler. This is not an eye cream but an eye gel. It has a nice cooling effect when applied and although it has a light feeling it is super moisturizing. Since I've been using it (about a month now) I have noticed a huge difference.

Ok. I promise this is the last Oil of Olay product. This brand really doesn't get enough recognition. This next face cream is the Night Fortifying Moisturizer. It's a staple I have been using for years now and I do use it throughout both the summer and winter months. Taking care of your skin at night is so important. When you're sleeping your skin repairs itself. By adding some proper moisture your skin it helps it from going into overdrive which can lead to breakouts and extra dryness.
Hands, Lips & Nails:

A good hand lotion is important for the colder months. I am loving the Vaseline Extra Stength hand lotion.

Babylips by Maybelline. All year I wear lip balm but need it more now! Before bed, before lipstick, after eating. It's really a neccessity to keep your lips soft and flake free!

  Call it a bad habit but I seem to neglect my nails in the colder months. Yes, a hand lotion helps combat dry cuticles but I have found that this Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme has gone that extra step to making my nails nourished and hydrated.
So there you have it. My tried and true products to keep my skin, hair and nails healthy not only throughout the year but especially during winter time. Don't forget to stay hydrated and drink plenty of water!
What are your go to products during the winter?


Fall Wishlist

1. Draped Geo Pattern Cardigan - Like a statement necklace I tend to be attracted to a piece of clothing that stands out. I will never over do it, but it's nice to have that one piece that is unique. I'm loving cardigans too so this is a win win!

2. Revlon Black Cherry Lipstick - This has become a really popular lipstick.If you had asked me a year ago if I would wear a shade like this (or anything but nude lips) I would run for the hills. However, I have changed my perception on darker lips and have been wanting to try this vampy reddish brown colour.

3. Grey Hunter Boots - I've been eyeing these for so long! They can definitely work in all seasons and look super cute with leg warmers and an oversized sweater.

4. Stella and Dot Lucia Necklace - Big statement necklaces are an easy way to spruce up a plain outfit. I love the multiple beads. It's oversized without being chunky.

5. Leopard Print Snuggie - This Fall accessory is a must. Ok, It's not an accessory but it will keep you warm and looking super stylish

6. Ikea "Alex" Drawer Stand - It all comes down to needing more efficient and nicer looking storage. I really love alot of pieces from Ikea and this Alex drawer stand is sleek and has tons of drawer space. I am planning on getting this soon so I can re-arrange my makeup, hair stuff and...junk.

7. Michael Kors Rosegold Perfume - Want. It. :)


Maybelline's BB Cream

It's all the rage. Maybelline's BB Cream, that is. I know BB creams have been very popular in Asain countries and I am sure the one's here in North Amercia still don't compare, but it's always fun to give a new products.

This product claims to have 8 benefits to your skin:

1. Protects skin with an SPF of 30
2. "Blurs" the look of imperfections
3. Creates a natural looking glow
4. Skin looks visibly smoother
5. Compliments skin tones
6. Hydrates all day
7. Feels fresh
8. Oil Free

Ok, before I get into how I feel this product works I just want to say, in my own opinion, that these 8 "benefits" are just different variations of each other. Bluring out imperfections is doing the same as make your skin look smoother. And while you stay hydrated all day, of course you're going to feel fresh. Marketing at it's finest!

Ok now onto the product. Starting from the top, I am so pleased this product has such a high SPF. Year round I wear SPF so to have a makeup product that incorporates it is definitely a bonus. Now, as for blurring out inperfections - this is true to an extent. This product is not full coverage, not even medium coverage. It's simply a lightly tinted moisturizer that would not cover up a red pimple. However, if you already have smooth, clear skin wearing this just refines the look.

When I first bought this product I applied it on my hand and my first reaction was "Woah...WAY too dark". I have fair skin and this looked orangey and almost 3 shades darker than my skin tone. Did I decide to not give it a go? Of course not. I slaped it on my face and hoped for the best. Once spread evenly this stuff blended in nicely. It has a somewhat thicker consistency and doesn't dry too quickly, so blending is easy. I feel that I can wear this for plenty of hours and it has great lasting power. I do however, have to touch up throughout the day with a light powder on my T-zone.

Overall, I would buy this again. If you're like me who only wears foundations on special occassions but still would like something, than I would recommend a BB cream or even a tinted moisturizer.

Beauty Buys Under $20

I am always out for a sale. Why pay full price when you don't have to? Of course, I do indulge from time to time but I appreciate the extra bit of cash rather than a name brand. Here are a few of my favourtie beauty products (and one accessory!)

This brand does not get enough recognition in my eyes. Yves Rocher is a European based company that offers a wide range of skin care products for practically every skin type. They also offer makeup, perfumes, lotions, sunscreens and more. I have been using this purecalmille organic alcohol free toner on my skin for about 4 years now. I would never use anything else. I love this stuff to the point that I am so afriad they will discontinue it that I have recently purchased 5 bottles.
 $12CDN (psst...they have 45% off right now )
If you're into foundation then I am sure you have seen the new Revlon Colourstay Whipped foundation. I am using the colour Ivory 110 and it matches seamlessly to my fair, cool toned skin. It's a thicker consistency, not whipped, but it is a medium to full coverage. You can definitely layer this to get a super full coverage. This stuff blends in perfectly and lasts all day! $16CDN

I am loving Revlon products lately! This new lipstick in the colour Primrose has been a great transitional colour. It's a soft pink but has enough deepness to it that it looks great as a fall colour. It's not frosted but can be a bit drying so I pair it with a lip balm. You can't go wrong for $7CDN!

My new Crown Brush 88 Neutral Palette from Hautelook! There is a great mix of warm and cool toned shades as well as shimmer and matte colours. I just got this in the mail about a week ago and I have been using it non stop. The pigmentation is really nice and the staying power even without a primer is great! $18CDN

My "J Crew Inspried" bubble necklace! I've been pair this with all different types of outfits but have been loving the look of a great blazer, basic tee underneth with this on top. The original J Crew bubble necklace is over $100! I got mine from ebay for less than $15!
Well that's it for now. I have been using a few new products lately and I can't wait to share them with you. What are your tried and true...or budget friendly products?


Have a great weekend!

Finally it's Friday! After a busy and productive week I can finally do whatever I want. I have a pretty good list of things planned and am so looking forward to doing them at my own regard!

On tonight's agenda is a stop at Ikea to get some decorating ideas and to look for a coffee table. I'm thinking either this or this. Afterwards I'm heading for some frozen yogurt here! Tomorrow is really just a fun-packed day at a water park where I'm totally going to act like a kid; swimming and eating all day here I come!

Sunday is always the best day, and my day will probably consist of sleeping in a bit, gym, a bit of work and just hanging around.

What are your plans this weekend?


Tips for Moving Day

I am moving in 6 months! My partner and I bought a brand new house which is still being built. The thought is almost surreal as I have lived in the same place for most of my life! However, I am embracing it because as difficult as it is sometimes, change is good! One thing I am grateful for is the time I have had to prepare myself! It's been almost a year since we've purchased our home so we've had plenty of time to collect things, because lets face it besides my bedroom furniture we had NOTHING. "Had" being the operative word :-). Although there are things we still need (and can't really get until we move) we do have collecting quite a few things.

So, since moving can be so stressful and if you've never done it before, like myself, I thought I would share some tips on how to make it easier on moving day:

1. Check It Off: Simply put. Make a checklist. This way you won't feel like you've missed something. Also, a tip within a tip would be to Google some Moving Checklists. They can give you ideas that you may not have thought of.

2. De-clutter The Small Things!:  I feel like this tip is somewhat obvious, but it really is easier said than done. Over time it is so easy to collect things, that once you really stand back and look at all your crap, it's overwhelming. However, just by simplifying your life and getting rid of unncessary items will not only make your move easier but will help you start fresh in your new home. Get rid of small nick nacks, loose papers that really aren't all that important, old clothes, even old pieces of jewelry that you know you'll never wear. Give them away to a family member or friend, donate to charity, throw a yard sale one morning or just simply throw them away if they have no use.

3. Get Around The Nooks & Cranny's: I'm talking about those dark places deep down in your linen closest or that unforbidden area in the back of your bathroom cupboard. Old shampoo and body wash, empty prescription bottles, old sheets and towels you forgot you had. My rule of thumb is if you haven't used it within a year...wait...even 8 months, get rid of it! If you have 2 of the same shampoo bottles and both are half full, then fill one up with the other and get rid of the empty bottle. If you're not going to use those old sheets or towels and you feel awkward giving them away, then cut them up for spare rags to wash your house or car with.

4. One By One: Don't overwhelm yourself. Bouncing from one room to the next, trying to get everything done at once because you feel that it will get finished faster, will just become more stressful and you'll easily get discouraged. Focus on one room at a time. Work your way through to the rooms you use the least to your main areas like bathrooms and kitchen. Empty out closests and drawers in one room and keep the boxes there until moving day with the main furniture. Once you're ready, start packing away items in your bathroom and kitchen that you use less frequently and work your way through the whole room.

5. Clean As You Go: This tip is in conjuntion with # 4. If you're moving out of your parents house, then this would really just be appreciated by your parents. However, if you're moving out of your own house then the universal rule is to leave your house clean for the new owners. It's only fair. Even if you're a clean freak like myself, realistically you can't clean everywhere...all the time. So, as you pack up one room, vaccum and wipe down the baseboards and walls. It will make it much less stressful on moving day knowing that all of that is done.


Long Weekend = Relaxation

It's been quite the week. Trying to fit so much into a schedule can make you feel a sense of accomplishment but it can be nearly impossible to try and get some proper rest. I am heading up to the cottage this long weekend and am SO excited. Boat rides, tubing, drinks and just plain ol' relaxing is part of my plan. I'm privledged enough to have a cottage to go to whenever I want,
but don't nearly as much as I should. I plan on making some white sangria based on this Martha Stewart recipie and doing as little cooking as I can.

Even if your weekend isn't a long one, how are you spending it?

Beautiful shot taken last Thanksgiving!


I can honestly say that I have no idea where July went. We look forward to summer all year and now that it's here, it's passing us by! Although summer won't be here much longer, these favourites I am going to mention definitely will be. These are some of the products I have been loving and all of them are less than $20!

Top to Bottom: Body Shop White Musk Blush Eau De Toilette, Body Shop Bronzer in shade 01, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Concealer in shade 01, Hard Candy Baked Eyeshadow Duo in shade 057 "Peace",
 Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat

This is one of those scents that is definitely not season specific. It can be worn throughout the year and is describes to have notes of vanilla, cinnamon, warm spice, powder and wood spice.

I ended up purchasing this on a whim because it was on sale for $5!! Regular price is around $20 but even at that is considered a steal! This is a really nice, mostly matte bronzer with the tinest bit of shimmer. It's not muddy or orange on my skin tone (fair even with the best of tans)

Goodbye Mac Studio Fix! At a fraction of the price, I have found my new HG. I, unfortunately suffer from under eye circles and this really does a good job at covering them up while adding a bit of reflective shimmer. It almost does double duty as an eye primer - I find my eyeshadow adheres nice.
I even use this on blemishes (not on zits)


It took me a long time to hop on the hard candy bandwagon (um...that sounds pretty inappropriate). Ok..I picked up one of these baked eyeshadow duos in 057 "Peace". The goldish shimmer is the perfect all over the lid or inner corner highlight. The chocolate brown colour really isn't that shimmery, and is very buildable.

My nails suffer all year long. I have weak peeling nails that never grow! I tried boycotting nail polish for a while thinking that would help let my nails "breathe". Nothing works. This Sally Hansen Double Duty really helps though. I apply it every third day or so, sometimes with nail polish and sometimes on it's own. It's a really great top coat too.

Random non-beauty product are these earrings I picked up at Forever 21.
They remind me of Tory Burch!

What are your fav products that you'll continue to use into the fall?


Spring Fever - Canada Blooms Show

Is it just me or is this mild weather in the city strange? Don't get me wrong I am not complaining, but for mid-March we should be shovelling our driveways not sitting on patios! However, I am taking full advantage and this weekend was no exception! I headed to the National Home Show today and was excited to see what home ideas and gadgets they had. I wouldn't say I was disappointed with what the show had to offer, I was just not fully impressed. Nothing seemed to stand out (other than the 10 person hot tub with a built-in sound system!) and everything was far from original. Needless to say, an hour was spent walking around, grabbing a bite to eat, then heading over to the second show, Canada Blooms. I, by no way of the imagination, have a green thumb - my fake Ikea plant is the only bit of greenery in my life. Though, the displays at this show were nicely done, pretty, and had me so excited for Spring to "officially" start! Maybe at some point I will attempt a small garden of my own...maybe.
It was such a nice day again today and the city skyline was so clear! What type of things get you excited for Spring? S


Hello! + OOTD

Hello! My name is Sara and this is my blog. I'm a 20-something from Toronto who has always loved makeup, fashion/trends, food and travel - just to name a few! This blog is something that I've wanted to start for a while and although I can't really give you a reason why I haven't started it earlier than now, there's no time like the present! So here we go...
There's no better way to kick-off a blog than to do an OOTD! Spring time has arrived early which means lighter layers and lots of colour! I am loving the colour-blocking trend right now, so I stepped out of my comfort zone and purchased a pair of BRIGHT pink pants!

I would never wear these pants to work, although with a smart blazer and a pair of heels, it might be less risky on a casual Friday!

Sans blazer, I was wearing black flats earlier but thought the heels looked so cute!

Blazer: Dynamite Top: H&M Pants: H&M Shoes: Winners Watch: Michael Kors

Well, there you go...short and sweet! I have lots of ideas for upcoming posts so please check back! Tomorrow I'm heading to the National Home Show, so there will be plenty of pictures to share! :)